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Alexander Ovehckin pies Tom Wilson after rookie notches first career points (video)


Alexander Ovechkin, Washington Capitals superstar and budding mustache enthusiast, notched two goals and added an assist in his first game back after missing two games due to injury in Washington’s 6-2 win over the New York Islanders.

Capitals rookie Tom Wilson also had a memorable night on two fronts: First, he recorded the first points in his NHL career, as the 19-year-old contributed a goal and an assist in the convincing win.

Second, he was on the receiving end of a baptism by pieing, courtesy of Ovechkin himself, who stalked Wilson with a crazed look on his face in the locker room following the game before giving the kid a face full of stinging shaving cream, before bounding off yelling, “WOOO!”

Video via

And a GIF, via D.C. Sports Bog:

Despite needing some time to recover from the burning sensation having a bunch of shaving cream shoved into one’s face and eyes entails, Wilson was a good sport about it, tweeting later on Tuesday night:

Hey, it only happens once, right? Unless Ovie feels the need to pie someone for some other reason.