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Minnesota Vikings fan riffs on Browns fan’s quarterback quandary jersey (pic)


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so clearly one Minnesota Vikings fan appreciated a Cleveland Browns fan’s fantastic and embittered documentation by way of an altered Tim Couch jersey of the woeful starting quarterback run the team has been on since, well, a really, really long time ago, as evidenced by the mind-blowing observation that the Browns have employed more starting quarterbacks since 1999 than a Cleveland-area high school team. Yikes.

Granted, the Vikings have enjoyed some semblance of success at the quarterback position in recent years — specifically during Brett Favre’s magical run when he led the team to the NFC Championship Game (the next season in his reluctant return? Not so much) — but that does not mean this fan’s decision to chronicle some of the quarterbacks that have come through Minnesota is no less an indictment on the franchise and how it is seemingly incapable of developing a franchise quarterback.

Starting off with a Tarvaris Jackson jersey — a jersey I embarrassingly admit I once owned —  just look at some of the names that have started at quarterback for the Purple in the past handful of seasons. Gus Frerotte? Donovan McNabb? Brooks-freaking-Bollinger? Sheesh. That’s a veritable trash heap of ineffective, sub-par and’/or past-their-prime (if they ever had a prime to speak of) quarterbacks.

At least with the news that Christian Ponder will once again start at quarterback for the 1-7 Vikings when the team presumably will humiliate itself on national television in a Thursday night, prime-time game against the Washington Redskins, at least the guy doesn’t have to make any alterations to the uniform before game time.

Further, evidence that a Buffalo Bills fan is piggybacking on the Browns fan’s schtick by coming up with a customized jersey of his own:

Misery loves company.

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