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Lindsey Vonn refers to Tiger Woods as ‘goofy, dorky-goofy’ (video)


It seems like every time Lindsey Vonn discusses boyfriend Tiger Woods, she allows an even larger peek behind the curtain, revealing more and more information about the superstar who was once one of the most notoriously private professional athletes in the world. Well, that is until the news about his unchecked philandering started getting out.

With Woods on the other side of the world hitting golf balls from Europe into Asia off bridges, Much like when she said revealed details about Tiger’s thoughtful bathroom behavior, Vonn once again was back at during a recent appearance on Katie Couric’s daytime talk show, during which she characterized the Tiger most folks never see in the most flattering of semi-unflattering ways, referring to him as a dork, among other things.

In an interview set to air on Tuesday, Vonn described the behind-the-scenes Tiger as follows: “Funny, laid back, great, competitive, funny (again), fun to be with, goofy, dorky-goofy.”

Fair enough. Certainly not the worst way a person can refer to their significant other, but I can imagine Tiger just cringing whenever he hears Vonn talk about him in such a personal manner.

And still, while most people gave this couple no shot of making it, here they are, going strong. Even after Vonn placed a squirrel on Tiger’s shoulder during the Presidents Cup, much to his perceived annoyance. They’re in love, kids, and to paraphrase the Starship cheeseball classic, nothing’s gonna stop them now. That is unless Vonn continues to take her dishing to the next level and start discussing, shall we say, less unsavory topics unsuitable for public consumption. Not sure what those would be, but let’s hope she doesn’t go there.

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