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Chris Bosh announces birth of daughter, out for Tuesday’s game against Raptors (pic)


Typically, Chris Bosh’s best moves come when he’s videobombing his Miami Heat teammates, but being present for the birth of his daughter on Monday and consequently being out of lineup for the Heat’s game against the Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Centre on Tuesday outshines even his greatest videobomb antics.

There Bosh was, alongside his wife Adrienne in the delivery room as she gave birth baby Dylan, a bouncing baby girl.

Great move by a great father.

Bosh tweeted on Monday evening that feels like he’s 10 feet tall.

While Bosh was beaming, Adrienne, to her credit, was far more eloquent, delivering a wonderful message along with the first photo posted of the newborn and proud parents (via Instagram):

She writes, “What a perfect day to witness a miracle and be humbled by the beautiful process of Life and Love We appreciate all the well wishes, positivity, and words of support we have received! To my husband…you continue to bring life to my dreams and joy to my world. I Thank You for helping me welcome this perfect little angel #PrincessDylan #BoshFamily”

Fantastic. And even though some may erroneously criticize Bosh for missing a game, being present for the first few precious moments of a child’s life pale are far more important than some a basketball game, one in November, no less. Bosh did the right thing and should be commended for it, not condemned. Being a father should come first, no matter what. Kudos to Bosh for doing the right thing.