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Sorry, Packers fans, Bus Cook says Brett Favre is ‘retired,’ won’t be saving the day


With reports surfacing indicating that the shoulder injury Aaron Rodgers suffered during the Green Bay Packers’ match-up with the Chicago Bears on Monday night ranging from he’ll be out only for a few weeks to unsubstantiated whispers that quarterback possibly could be out for as long as the rest of the season.

Of course, a majority of the reports coming from the most respected NFL journalists and websites are speculating that the length of time Rodgers will be out leans toward the lower end of the spectrum, it invariably has occurred that Brett Favre’s name has sprung up as a possible replacement for Aaron Rodgers, whom he once “tutored” and “groomed” during the final years of his tenure in Green Bay. Of course, employing quotes around the words “tutored” and “groomed” is intended to indicate that Favre did no such thing.

Which brings us to the present day. With all the talk and discussion surrounding exactly what the Packers are to do with the team’s sudden and unexpected quarterbacking quandary — Rodgers has been a remarkably durable QB during his time in Green Bay, much like his predecessor — Matt Flynn’s name now is being bandied about as someone the Packers could bring in, given his start with the organization. Although it warrants noting that Flynn has done little to nothing since leaving the team in unsuccessful and unremarkable stints with the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders before he was cut by the Buffalo Bills on Monday.

And still, despite his age and time away from the game, Favre name continues to come up in times like these.

Much like we saw a few weeks ago when Favre’s name was brought up after Sam Bradford’s season ended abruptly, putting the St. Louis Rams in a bind — of course has been brought up, albeit in the most benign, reaching and speculative of manner.

But never fear, Bus Cook, as he does whenever a quarterback goes down in the NFL with a severe injury, made himself available for comment regarding Favre’s potential interest or disinterest in a sudden job opening.

ESPN Wisconsin’s Gabe Neitzel reached out to Favre’s longtime agent on Tuesday in order to gauge whether there would be any interest on Favre’s part to come out of retirement and save the day for the Packers.

And yep, it’s a big fat nope.

There you have it. Another non-story turned into a story due to the nature of it being a non-story. It would be a story for the ages if Favre were to do something like riding back into Green Bay on his John Deere tractor and play for the Packers once again, especially after such an acrimonious departure following such a remarkable run.

And in doing so, Favre could right all the wrongs, make the necessary amends, save the day, just have fun out there while being the gunslinger of old — but it just ain’t going to happen. And to be honest, that’s a good thing.

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