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Boston Red Sox take out full-page ad in St. Louis paper to thank Cardinals (photo)


Whether it was members of the respective fan bases engaging in it or simply media types attempting to drum up attention-grabbing discourse, there seemed to be a lot of discussion throughout the World Series about whether the St. Louis Cardinals or the Boston Red Sox have the better fans.

With the World Series over and Red Sox Nation celebrating yet another title and Cardinals fans licking their wounds, the folks who run the Boston Red Sox organization did their part to soothe any hurt feelings on the part of Cards fans by congratulating the fan base as a whole.

In a full-page ad signed by principal members of the team’s front office and ownership in Tuesday’s edition of the St. Louis Press-Dispatch, the Red Sox thanked the Cardinals organization, its fans and the entire City of St. Louis, “From One Great Baseball Town To Another.”

Classy, or rubbing salt in the wounds? You decide.


Seems to be a genuine expression of respect and gratitude, but for some Cardinals fans, seeing this upon opening the paper had to sting just a little bit.

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