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Atlanta Hawks make ‘Blurred Lines’ parody to teach fans acceptable conduct (vid)


Sure, Robin Thicke’s summertime smash “Blurred Lines” is a catchy tune that despite being overplayed, remained a decent track that, also because it was so vastly overplayed, managed to burrow into the brain of pretty much anyone who heard it what seemed like at least one thousand. It was an unavoidable pop culture juggernaut, and rightfully so, it was a trip, it had a funky beat and I could bug out to it.

The Atlanta Hawks, much like the rest of its NBA team counterparts, believe anyone and everyone who attends a game should be afforded a safe, somewhat sanitized, family-friendly — yet still fun — atmosphere. So how better to instruct fans on appropriate in-arena conduct than by parodying a raunchy video for a hyper-sexualized song?

And somehow, some way, it works.

The Hawks enlisted the services of Ryan Cameron, an Atlanta DJ and PA announcer at Hawks home games at Phillips Arena, to produce a parody track of “Blurred Lines” for a video played at games regarding the code of conduct fans should follow.

Funky. And informative. But mostly funky. And while there is little doubt that “Blurred Lines” may be reaching its expiration date, it’s still better than if the Hawks had done a “Call Me Maybe” parody, which I’m sure there’s someone somewhere who still believes that song is current, hip and relevant.

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