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New York Giants fan’s hairdo is called ‘MetLife Stadium Mohawk with Lights’ (vid)


So, um, yeah. There have been some pretty wacky sports-themed hairstyles over the years. There’s this Baltimore Ravens fan’s hairdo, for example, and there have been many, many more.

But I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen one that features props. And lights.

But that’s what this New York Giants fan’s hairdo really is: It’s actually a replica of MetLife Stadium, the home of both the New York Giants and New York Jets.

Watch in amazement, both the construction of the stadium hairdo — now there’s something I though I’d never type — as well as the finished product, below.

No. Words. On second thought, I do have but one question: How in the hell does he wash it? And bonus points if his barber fashions a clipper to make it resemble a lawnmower. That would be pretty sweet.

met-life-stadium-haircut-2 met-life-stadium-haircut-3

Imagine if this guy was a Jets fan. If he was, I bet if you looked closely inside MetLife Stadium Hairdo, you would see Fireman Ed annoying the crap out of everybody.

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