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Cheesy pic from Rex and Rob Ryan’s college graduation is all kinds of awesome (photo)


Sweet sassy molassey, people. Would you get a load of that?

Courtesy of the Twitter account of New York Post sportswriter Bart Hubbuch comes this delightfully nostalgic photo of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan posing alongside his twin brother, New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, at their college graduation from Southwestern Oklahoma in 1986.


Holy moly.

With the brothers’ teams facing each other on Sunday — and Rex taking a potshot at Rob over his weight earlier this week — the photograph’s timing is impeccable and provides perfect fodder to compare the twin brothers and to marvel at how much they resembled each other when they were younger.

Standing between them is of course Colonel Sanders. Wait. Wrong kind of tie. That’s Buddy Ryan, their dear old dad. Nice white suit.

If you are having difficulty differentiating which Ryan brother from the other Ryan brother, Rex shed some light on any confusion (via Newsday beat writer Kimberley A. Martin’s Twitter account):

Jeez Louise, remember the ’80s? If not, that photo is a good representation of what that decade was all about. Cheesy mustaches, bad haircuts the whole nine yards. The only thing that could have made it better is if Rex and Rob were wearing Generra shirts under their gowns and this was a video instead of a photograph and either “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister, “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer or “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood could be heard playing in the background.

Oh, and if we could see whether or not their pants were pinned. You old folks know what I’m talking about.

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