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Alley-oop-stravaganza: Blake Griffin, CP3 connect on three straight hookups (video)


This just in: Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, the dynamic duo that comprise the top-two spots on the Los Angeles Clippers’ talented roster? Yeah, they’re pretty good.

Griffin and CP3 put the moniker “Lob City” into a demonstration of visual beauty, teamwork, tenacity, athleticism, you name it, on Thursday night against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center, connecting on three consecutive alley-oops, all in a span of 32 seconds about midway through the third quarter.

Spurned on by a commitment to defense, the three-straight hookups were a sight to behold.

That’s nasty. And how about TNT’s Kevin Harlan’s exuberant play-by-play coverage? That’s why he’s the best in the business. He could do play-by-play of a chess match and make it compelling. “HOLD ON!!! HE’S MOVING THE QUEEN!! DROPPING THE ANVIL!!! HO-HOHHHH!!!!”

Paul had a monster game, scoring 42 points and 15 assists. Griffin, who finished with 23 points and 10 boards, credited defensive entity for the high-flying, offensive explosion.

“Those three plays started with defense, and that’s what got us going,” Griffin said, following a 126-115 home court-opening victory. “That’s a positive thing, and we have to learn from that. We have to know that we can extend a lead and put the game where we need it to be with our defense.”

And keep those alley-oops coming. Something tells me that we should keep an eye on these two guys. They may turn out to be pretty serviceable basketball players.

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