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Tom Brady says that as a kid, he acted like a juvenile delinquent on Halloween (video)


During his Wednesday press conference, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady cut open a vein and spilled some details regarding his rebellious youth, admitting that on Halloween, he and his pals — who clearly were a bad influence on the Golden Boy — would egg and TP houses. Say it ain’t so, Tommy!

Brady also revealed that the Cowardly Lion costume he wore earlier this week — to Gisele’s Dorothy — wasn’t the first time he has taken on that role, be it for a costume or otherwise.

“I actually was the Cowardly Lion in our elementary school play so I was drawing back on some past experiences,” Brady said.

Brady then said that he could sing a whole song from the play, teasing reporters by acting like he was about to break into song before stopping and laughing. What a cad.

That’s when Brady copped to his juvenile delinquent ways after he was asked what Halloween was like in his neighborhood growing up.

After discussing candy bars and raisins and whatnot, Brady was asked if he ever egged houses, Brady replied, “Yes. We egged, we TP’ed houses.”

Oh dear. Proof positive that even the greatest and noblest among us are not immune to the devilish impulses brought upon by the bewitching hours of Halloween.

[H/T Ride the Pine]