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Rex Ryan holds up sign poking fun at Rob Ryan at presser, cracks fat joke (photo)


Despite the fact that the two seem to be pretty close — the two are fraternal twins, after all — New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan sure enjoy making one another the butt’s of their jokes.

The smack talk always reaches critical mass — as the Ryan brothers both once neared (above) — leading up to a showdown between the bro’s respective teams. On Sunday, the Jets (4-4) will host the Saints (6-1) at MetLife Stadium and Rex has fired the first salvo of the week as the brotherly rivalry heats up during the latest installment of the so-called “Ryan Bowl.”

Speaking of critical mass — and the consequential cheap-shot fat joke that followed — Rex used a Wednesday press conference to not only make fun of is brother courtesy of a visual aid, he also cracked a fat joke about his portly brother, which is kind of a cheap shot since it wasn’t all that long ago that near-identical genetics and a love of football weren’t the only things the two brothers shared.

And of course by that I mean they both were pretty chubby.

Ryan held up a sign during Wednesday’s presser that featured images of both himself and Rob (via @sbnation):


Under the photo of Rob were the words, “SORRY ABOUT THAT JETS,” referencing how the Saints let the Jets down by coming up just short in a devastating 30-27 loss to New York’s divisional rival, the New England Patriots, a few weeks ago.

Under Rex’s photo was a continuation of the message that originated underneath Rob’s pic, which read, “I WISH I COULD LOOK AS GOOD AS MY TWIN.” Zing!

When asked by a reporter which Ryan brother was wishing he could look as good as his twin, Ryan laughed, scoffing at the notion who he considered the twin with the better appearance.

“Oh please, it’s pretty obvious,” Rex said, as reported by the New York Post. “The lap band worked for me. I’m just going to say that, putting it out there.”

So true. The lap-band did work for Rex. After undergoing the procedure in 2010, Ryan has lost over 100 pounds. Good for him, but still, not a very nice thing to say about his brother.

Certainly not the first time that Rex has used Rob’s appearance as comedic fodder. Back in 2010 leading up to a Jets-Browns game, the Jets head coach threw on a wig and Browns shirt during a press conference to mock his brother’s appearance.

Those Ryan boys. What a couple of wisenheimers. But the brotherly bond remains.