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Comedian Pete Holmes confuses, amuses James Harden during interview (video)


Comedian Pete Holmes has a new talk show (conveniently called “The Pete Holmes Show”) that airs on TBS following Conan O’Brien — if you watched TBS at all for the past few weeks, you’ve seen the promos — and on Wednesday’s show, an interview he conducted with Houston Rockets dynamic and bearded superstar James Harden was aired. And it was good.

Holmes admits he’s not a “sports fella” as he introduces the clip and the interview with Harden certainly appears to confirm it. Unless he’s just playing around. One should never trust a comedian with a new talk show. They’re a desperate people.

Enjoy the amusing awkwardness.

Great stuff. The pantomimed alley-oop was solid. Or how Holmes describes how he picks up the ladies by claiming to be James Harden. If you ask me, the two don’t really look all that alike. I don’t get comedy, you see, which I’m sure most people can figure out on their own if they have ever read the Sportress of Blogitude.

Moving on, to even further illustrate that Holmes is not much of a “sports fella,” here’s some footage of the comedian/talk show host showcasing his skills — or lack thereof — at a James Harden basketball camp.

That cannot be truly how bad Holmes is at basketball, right? Actually, I take that back. He is a comedian, after all, and anyone who attempts to make a living being funny has issues. I speak from experience, you see, even though I don’t understand comedy, as I mentioned earlier, nor am I a comedian. It’s an avant-garde method of humor-based entertainment. In that it’s not funny.

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