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Spartans football fan agrees to drink his pee after self-bet on reddit, disappears


Sometimes, things are better left unsaid or unwritten. That goes double on the Internet, because no matter how hard one tries to go back on a careless comment, well, it just ain’t going to happen. There’s always going to be somebody who saw it and can call a person on it. The only choice remaining would be to attempt to wipe the interwebs clean of whatever identity one made the boast or threat or what have you.

This is the scenario that played over the past few days on reddit when a user who goes by “okkgrizz” threatened to drink his own urine if the Michigan State Spartans, who were struggling offensively at the time, scored a touchdown as time was running down in the first half of the team’s game against the Illinois Fighting Illini.

His exact words: “If MSU drives 99 yards and scores a TD, I’ll drink my own piss.”

And that’s when the unexpected happened.

Of course, the Spartans did score with only six seconds remaining in the half on an amazing play.

“okkgrizz” then posted, “What have I done?!”

He then opined, “99 yard drive seemed pretty unlikely at the time. It was a strange feeling of elation and despair when Bennie Fowler caught that pass.”


That’s when his fellow reddit users who saw the boast challenged him to make good on the threat that he would consume his own urine. A pee-pee-drinking-based atonement for being so irresponsible with his words, if you will.

To which “okkgrizz” finally responded on Tuesday, writing:

I intend to make good on this commitment. As I said, I would post before the Michigan/Michigan State game this weekend. That being said, I would like to preserve my anonymity. I have a job I would like to keep ‘n shit and families members not to shame. I can see Deadspin doing a stupid piece on this, “Sparty Bro drinks own piss”

Suggestions on how one might do this without blowing my cover?


More than fair enough. However, since promising to own up and man up by drinking up his own pee, the user “okkgrizz” has disappeared from reddit. While that does not mean he won’t ultimately do it, the whole thing seems a bit shady now, which, if you ask me, is pretty bush league.

After all, if we cannot count on someone who uses an anonymous alias on the Internet to keep their word, what hope is there?

I read about the alarming lack of integrity and diminishing culpability of anonymous users that is troubling present on message boards on the Internet on the Internet, so take it for what you will.

[H/T Lost Lettermen]