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Philadelphia Flyers star Scott Hartnell has cut off his majestic curly locks (pic)

It may take awhile for the hockey world to come to grips with the earth-shattering news, but the magnificent curly locks rocked by Philadelphia Flyers star Scott Hartnell that have become his trademark are no more.

The Flyers are off to a horrendous 3-8 start — Hartnell, who missed a couple of weeks in October with an upper-body injury, is a minus-2 — heading into Friday’s game against the Washington Capitals, and the left winger alluded to his belief that a change was in order.

But such a drastic change? Why, Scott Hartnell, why?

While no photos have surfaced as of yet of Hartnell’s new hairdo, the formerly bushy-headed hockey player did tweet evidence of just how much hair has been trimmed off his once luxurious mane.

Goodness gracious! That’s a whole heaping amount of hair! It looks like a clown wig got in a fight with a weed-trimmer.

But to give credit where credit is due, well played on the poodle comment, Mr. Hartnell. At least he has retained his sense of humor about it. I know that myself, along with all my fellow hockey-hair-loving fans, are having trouble dealing with the recent developments.

It’s been a bad run for the trademark hairstyles of some of our favorite professional athletes. Earlier, New York Knicks star Iman Shumpert released a video documenting the somber nature of the haircut that separated him from his patented flat top, now this.

A recent video uploaded by a Flyers fan opined that the organization was cursed. Perhaps Hartnell cutting his hair will remove all that bad mojo. At least then something good will have come out of it.

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