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Paulina Gretzky wraps up visit to Thailand with Dustin Johnson with photo montage (video)

Paulina Gretzky and her PGA Tour superstar beau Dustin Johnson have spent the past few weeks visiting exotic locales like Australia and Thailand. The engaged couple have made friends with the local wildlife, with Paulina befriending a Koala and a tiger (below) as well as the couple posing with an elephant (above).

To wrap up the whirlwind globetrotting, Paulina compiled some of her very favorite images from the vacation with her fiancĂ© and set it to music, presumably a song by someone I should know but I don’t because I’m old.

The photos of Gretzky getting cozy with a couple of tigers:

And Gretzky and Johnson posing with an elephant:

Finally, the video (“We’re gonna need a montage”)

Looks like a grand old time. No one was mauled, either, which is always a positive after embarking on a lavish vacation.

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