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Charles Barkley refuses to play the part of playoff prognosticator (photo)


Don’t ever change, Charles Barkley. Don’t ever change.

Just because Sir Charles is one of the most entertaining, provocative and insightful NBA — nay, sports — analysts out there, that does not mean he willingly will ensnare himself in the trap that is predicting what teams will make the playoffs before even a handful of games have been played in the grind that is an unpredictable NBA season.

Injuries, career seasons by players, more injuries. While there are some teams that are a certifiable lock to crack the postseason lineup, the remaining 3-4 teams is a veritable crap shoot, so why bother?

And that’s the philosophy Barkley ascribed to when asked to provide his prediction on how the Western Conference will play out this season, refusing to make any prognostication whatsoever.

Kudos to you, Charles Barkley. And once again, never change.

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