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Miami Heat’s ring ceremony will be over-the-top, despite LeBron’s reservations


On Tuesday, before the team’s 2013-14 NBA season campaign tips off with a match-up with Eastern Conference rival Chicago Bulls, the Miami Heat will celebrate its second consecutive NBA title with a pregame ceremony where players and members of the organization will be presented with their championship rings.

LeBron James recently expressed disappointment about the ceremony, saying that he would prefer to not have it occur before such a big game.

Despite LeBron’s reservations, the ceremony will go on as planned, and it’s going to be an over-the-top, showy and bombastic affair, featuring the pomp and circumstance one would expect from the Heat.

And did I mention there will be glow sticks? Yeah.

LeBron’s thoughts on how holding the ring ceremony before the game can be a major distraction, via a report from’s Michael Wallace:

James appreciates the acknowledgment and festivities associated with players, coaches and team executives receiving their championship rings. But he’d like to share in the emotional moments and memories on a night other than the regular-season opener – or any game night.

“It is what it is – there’s nothing we can do about it,” James said Sunday as the Heat prepared for Tuesday’s ring ceremony that will take place before the season opener against Chicago. “It’s something we’d rather do [earlier], take care of last year. After we get our rings, then that’s last year. And then we’ll go from there.”

James said it will be difficult to keep up with everything going on and still remain focused entirely on the Bulls.

“It’s hard,” James said. “I’m going to see some of it. You don’t take it for granted. We did some special things last year, and this is a time to look back at it one more time. I definitely won’t lose sight of what’s in front of me.”

There certainly is nothing wrong with how James feels about the ceremony. He only said he would prefer if it were handled differently, but accepts that this is how ceremonies such as these are commonly done and routinely handled.

However, according to an report (via The Big Lead), the ceremony, with all the pomp and circumstance, is exactly the kind of distracting show LeBron wishes to avoid.

Below are some of the festivities the Heat have planned for the night.

Opening Night Activities
• Doors open at 6:00 p.m., with Championship Ring Ceremony activities slated to begin at 7:15 p.m. The ceremony will feature a visually spectacular video display which transforms the surface of the HEAT court into a 3-D projection screen. Two separate video presentations will take fans on a journey through the HEAT regular season, highlighting the team’s milestones and accomplishments, including the 27-game winning streak, the brotherhood that developed between the players and the early rounds of the 2013 Playoffs, followed by a riveting video segment focused on Games 6 and 7 of the NBA Finals. HEAT Ownership, Basketball Operations personnel and the Coaching staff will receive their rings following the first video segment, while the HEAT players will be presented with their rings at the conclusion of the second video element.
• The night will be highlighted by the raising of the 2013 NBA Championship Banner to the rafters of AmericanAirlines Arena.
• The premiere of the 2013-14 Player Introduction Sequence will once again be set to the inspirational “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes and stars HEAT players training in a harsh setting under severe conditions that only they can withstand.
• Samsung Galaxy, the HEAT Opening Night Ring Ceremony presenting partner, will provide each fan with a unique lanyard and glow stick designed to allow fans to participate in the Ring Ceremony

 Wow. 3-D video projection screens and glow sticks? That’s kooky talk!

At least the Heat are opting for originality with the use of “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes. No one’s ever used that song before, as far as I know.