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Matthew Stafford was mic’d up on Sunday, game-winning drive caught on tape (video)


In a fantastic case of perfect timing, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was mic’d up for Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. That means we are afforded a first-hand look — and listen — of how Stafford heroically led the offense down the field on a game-winning drive and the clutch go-ahead touchdown for a thrilling 31-30 victory.

Capitalizing on some deception, Stafford scored the game-winning touchdown with 12 seconds remaining on the clock. His one-yard rushing TD came after Stafford was yelling “CLOCK IT! CLOCK IT! CLOCK IT!”, fooling the Cowboys defense into thinking he was going to stop the clock with a spike after the ball was snapped.

That was not the case.

The Cowboys defense were back on the their heels and Stafford lunged into the end zone, setting off a boisterous celebration by Stafford and his Lions teammates.

That is awesome. The Lions overcame a 10-point fourth quarter deficit and four turnovers for an unbelievable victory.

“Even our fans didn’t think we could pull this one out,” Stafford said. “They were leaving, but we knew we could do it.”

The thrill of victory, indeed. It’s too bad a Cowboys player wasn’t mic’d up, too. That way we could hear the agony of defeat as well.

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