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Jose Canseco’s psychotic clown Halloween costume is total nightmare fuel (pics/vid)

So, Jose Canseco attended the CD Release And Halloween Costume Party For Lunar Rogue on Saturday (whatever that means) and as you can see, he went all out with his costume.

Escorted by model Leila Knight and some dude dressed up as guard, Canseco’s choice of costume, a psychotic, blood-spattered clown sporting a Joker-esque smile, is indeed a disturbing sight to see.

And the bizarre video where Canseco hams it up as a psycho clown:

Alrighty then.

Canseco says that he is going to “kill all you haters for what you’ve done to me” before informing us that he’s in an insane asylum and when he gets out, he’s going to “bash your heads in.” Huh. Fair enough.

Although, at the same time, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense if “Psycho Clown Canseco” was the person behind his bizarre tweets instead of “Former Steroid Abuser Canseco”?

Actually, those two characters, while seemingly unrelated, are not as different as one would originally assume.

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