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Ex-Houston Texans fan covers up team logo tattoo with Dallas Cowboys helmet (photo)


People who have impulsively gotten tattoos often experience something akin to “buyer’s remorse.” You can count this Houston Texans fan among that group of folks.

About two weeks ago, apparently fed up with the Texans, who have continued to struggle since then to a 2-5 record, this fair-weathered fan decided enough was enough and in good conscience could not continue to support his once-favorite team by way of an upper back tattoo of the team’s logo. So, he did the next best worst thing.

No, he didn’t jump on the Matt Schaub Hate Train — okay, he probably did. But we can confirm that he had a tattoo artist cover up the Texans logo with the Dallas Cowboys helmet.

Sadly, the Texans logo, although somewhat concealed by the Cowboys helmet, remains painfully evident.

The photo was uploaded to Instagram by Electric-Empire, a tattoo parlor located in San Marcos, Texas. And it should be noted that in all likelihood, the fan will be returning to Electric-Empire to have the Cowboys helmet filled in to complete his transformation from Texans backer to Cowboys fan. At least that is what I hope is his plan.

And still, one has to question the wisdom of jumping ship on a now 2-5 team for a 4-4 squad. It’s not like the Cowboys, in the last decade plus, have experienced unparalleled success when compared to the Texans. Maybe he could have saved himself some money and discomfort by holding out for a while longer.

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