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Chris Bosh knows the Bulls want to take a steaming dump on Heat’s big night


As mentioned previously, the Miami Heat will put on quite the show on Tuesday night at AmericanAirlines Arena when the team will raise its NBA title banner and present the players with their championship rings. And for what it’s worth, Chris Bosh is well aware of the fact that the Chicago Bulls, who the Heat host on Tuesday, would like nothing more than to come in and put a damper on the festivities by whooping the home squad.

Although Bosh used much more colorful language when providing his reasoning behind why he knows that is what the Bulls would like to do to the Heat. Let’s put it this way: The word “defecate” was used.

The Heat and Bulls undoubtedly are rivals in the Eastern Conference. LeBron James, for his part, summarized the rivalry as follows: “They don’t like us, so we don’t like them.”

Between the general dislike that exists between the teams to the fact that the Bulls may view the entire spectacle planned for Tuesday night before the game as some sign of disrespect — although it isn’t — and the makings are there for the Bulls to get a little amped up for the showdown, even though it is only the first game in an 82-game grind that is the NBA season.

Bosh understands that this very well might be the sentiment of the Bulls, likening it to how the Heat felt when the Dallas Mavericks received their championship rings before a Christmas Day game between the two teams.

“When Dallas got their rings [on Christmas Day 2011], we wanted to embarrass them on their home floor, wanted to defecate on their night,” Bosh is quoted as saying in a Miami Herald report.“We know [the Bulls] want to do that to us and they want to spoil what we have going.”

Of course, in the Heat’s case, the Mavericks were the team that beat them in the previous NBA Finals to secure those rings, so a little inflated animosity makes sense.

And while it is certainly understandable to see where Bosh is coming from — what team would want to be considered more or less an afterthought, a second act, following some big celebration? — but “defecate on their night”? That’s really taking it to the extreme. And that’s the straight poop.

Also, for what it’s worth, the Heat did ruin the Mavericks’ party that day, winning 105-94, which doesn’t bode well for the Heat on Tuesday night.

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