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Tangled up in Plaid: Ryan Dempster dons ridiculous suit for flight to St. Louis (pic)


Clearly, Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster elected to go with the unconventional route when picking out the suit he would wear for the flight to St. Louis for a showdown with the Cardinals in Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday.

As you can see — unless your eyes have been irreparably damaged by the garish awfulness of it — Dempter donned a hideous plaid suit that is as ugly as it is, uh, hideous.

Via @JanetWuOn7:


Hoo boy. Cue up “Tangled up in Plaid” by Queens of the Stone Age. Pronto.

If one were even to attempt to describe the colors contained in that hot mess of a plaid suit, it would have to be “1970s Nightmare.” I’m not kidding. It reminds me of the couch I used to sit on as a wee lad while my parents spun Ambrosia albums on the Hi Fi. Good grief.

[H/T The Nosebleeds]