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A painting of Troy Polamalu being crucified is available for purchase on Etsy (photo)


Available on Etsy for the tidy sum of $250, this one-of-a-kind piece of original artwork can be yours, to hang in your rec room or dungeon. It depicts Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu undergoing a crucifixion. Neat.

But what is the subtext of the piece? What message is the artist attempting to get across? Is it a statement about how Polamalu is being crucified due to the dearth of talent on the Steelers defense? That wouldn’t make sense, given despite the team’s early season struggles, the Steelers rank sixth in the NFL in overall defense?

Does the artist feel that Polamalu is a Christ-like, messianic figure that deserves a similar level of worship? Possibly. But that would be crazy and there’s no way a person who paints a piece where Troy Polamalu is being crucified could possibly be crazy, right?

Ultimately, neither of those theories pan out. According to the artist, the piece, “Modern Martyr,” is about how “Sports stars have taken on the role of saints and martyrs in American culture.” So there you go. Nothing subtle about that message.


It merits noting that Etsy is a virtual treasure trove of odd pieces of sports memorabilia, especially as it relates to the Steelers. Or it is simply that PSAMP, a Pittsburgh sports-centric blog, has done such a good job of documenting items available on the site. There was the “Mens Pittsburgh Steelers G String Thong Sexy Undewear”. And for the Polamalu fans, there was also the “Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu Bling Sparkle Jersey”, which was pretty sweet, too.

For non-Steelers items, there has been the “Tebowing Robot” and the “Jeremy Lin Photostitch Embroidery Craft”.

Note to self: Start hitting up Etsy from time to time.