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Dallas radio jocks lose minds while in booth during Stars-Flames brawl (video)

During Thursday night’s Dallas Stars-Calgary Flames game, an epically brutal display of on-ice fisticuffs ensued between Stars winger Lane MacDermid and Flames defenseman Chris Breen.

When the fight broke out, Dallas drivetime radio personalities Mike Rhyner and Corby Davidson from KTCK-AM 1310 The Ticket happened to be in the broadcast booth. And the two allowed their bloodlust to come out in full force as the duo completely lost their minds as they took in the savage display of hockey ultraviolence.

“THIS IS REEEEEEEAL HOCKEY!!!” Nice. Making fun of Breer for having red hair by calling him a ginger was a nice touch to the commentary as well. But it really needs to be heard in its entirety to be truly appreciated. Or better put, abhorred. You know, because concussions, disturbing studies about the horrible effects of brain trauma and Derek Boogaard and stuff like that. In the old days, this kind of banter was not only commonplace, it was appreciated. But the times, like it or not, they are a-changin’. Yeah.

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