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Bucs fans have had their fill of Greg Schiano, liken him to MRSA (photos/GIF)


Just when Greg Schiano likely thought it couldn’t get any worse, it die. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach not only had to suffer the indignity of being mocked and ridiculed by a billboard calling for his dismissal that popped up in Tampa, the team he “leads” then lost to the Carolina Panthers by a score of 31-13.

And then, as they say, when it rains, it pours. The fans who actually did show up at Raymond James Stadium on Thursday night — it wasn’t a huge showing of support (below) — weren’t in the friendliest of moods as it pertained to the beleaguered head coach, as some of them took to wearing Hazmat suits or paper bags over their heads to express their extreme displeasure with the downward spiral the 0-7 team currently finds itself.

Behold the carnage:

Of course, the MRSA dig refers to how three Buccaneers players have been diagnosed with an MRSA infection this season. Ouch.

When asked how the outward displays of hostility impact him, Schiano said, “It doesn’t affect me.” It still can’t feel great, though.

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