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Browns have had more starting QBs since 1999 than Cleveland high school


In an odd yet mind-blowing statistical discovery, some intrepid research has revealed that a high school in Cleveland has had fewer starting quarterbacks since 1999 than the Cleveland Browns have trotted out in those years.

The news that Jason Campbell would be under center and starting on Sunday against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs means the Browns have had 20 quarterbacks start a game for them sine 1999. On the other hand, Cleveland’s Saint Ignatius High School has only had 13 starting quarterbacks in that same time period. Crazy stuff, given the amount of roster turnover that occurs on a high school football team.

From an report chronicling research performed by Saint Ignatius historian Tim Hudak:

In Cleveland, Saint Ignatius High School has been very successful in football. Among its alumni is Brian Hoyer, who started three times for the Browns this season. Since 1999, Ignatius has had a total of 13 quarterbacks start games, according to Tim Hudak, a Cleveland-area native who emails a weekly wrapup on Saint Ignatius athletics. (The Browns are one of 10 NFL teams to start more than 13 quarterbacks in the same time frame.) But Hudak also notes that three of those St. Ignatius quarterbacks started this season. So from 1999 through 2012 St. Ignatius had 10 quarterbacks.

Which means a high school team in 14 seasons will have had one half the starting quarterbacks the Browns will have had in 14 1/2.

Wow. Just wow. Being a fan of Saint Ignatius football instead of Cleveland Browns football would have made this gal’s task so much easier (via Instagram):

It’s nice to see she’s already added Campbell’s name to that long and sad list But if I were her, I wouldn’t put away that Sharpie just yet.

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