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Breaking: According to study, Shake Weights don’t work, yet remain hilarious (video)

According to a study chronicled in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, the Shake Weight, arguably the most awkwardly hilarious piece of crappy exercise equipment sold in infomercials — and that’s saying something — has no real benefit when compared to plain old dumbbells.

Who woulda thunk it?

A summary of the study (via Yahoo!):

While the participants did the shaking exercises, the researchers measured muscle activity in the major muscles the exercises were supposed to target. The researchers found no difference in amount of muscle activity between using Shake Weights and conventional dumbbells, suggesting that, when used as recommended by the manufacturer, Shake Weights were no more effective than standard hand weights.

There you have it. Don’t blame me, it’s science.

But we’ll always have the memories, as well as the debate concerning whether or not the “Shake Weight for Men” infomercial is more awkward than the original spot.

Yeah, it’s a lot more awkward. No doubt about it.

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