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Rickie Fowler films Bubba Watson, others having tiny fish exfoliate their feet (video)


So, the PGA Tour currently is on a very brief swing through Asia, so some of the golfers, in Malaysia, decided to take in the local scene and customs by visiting a fish spa.

Of course, a fish spa is place that patrons visit in order to have the fish species Garra rufa, also known as “Doctor Fish” and nicknamed “nibble fish,” eat the dead skin off a person’s body. Call it a fishy exfoliation, if you will.

Documented by Dick Fowler, P.I. himself, Rickie Fowler, among those enjoying (for lack of a better word — some of them appear quite terrified or at the very least uncomfortable) the fish spa treatment on their feet are Bubba Watson, Keegan Bradley, Aaron Baddeley, Baddeley’s girlfriend and Fowler’s caddie, Joe Skovron.

Watch how some squirm, some grimace and all look somewhat uncomfortable.

Via Instagram:

Ha. Come on, guys, toughen up. People actually sit into pools crawling with these things in them. Feet ain’t nothing. Just don’t ask me to do it. The only thing I’m doing with little fish that size is using them as bait, hooking them through the eye and hopefully land some decent-sized Crappies.

[H/T Eye on Golf]