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Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali leaves extra $1,000 tip on $1,800 restaurant tab (photo)

Tamba Hali

Many may have not predicted it, but this season, but the Kansas City Chiefs are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the AFC. Most did assume, however, that Andy Reid taking over as head coach would improve the team, but not propel the Chiefs to an undefeated 7-0 record.

The Chiefs are doing everything right on the field and it appears that one player is taking that excellence and making it part of his off-the-field activities as well.

Linebacker Tamba Hali took Reid’s advice to celebrate following the team’s big win over the Houston Texans on Sunday to heart, inviting a party of 15 friends and family to dine with him at Fogo de Chao on Sunday evening.

Hali and his party found the restaurant nearly deserted and proceeded to feast like kings, so much so that the group racked up an $1,800 bill. And even though there was an included gratuity tacked on to the bill — a common practice for large parties — Hali, a regular customer at the restaurant, took it one step further to show his appreciation for the staff’s efforts.

The automatic gratuity added to Hali’s $1,827.09 bill amounted to $296.69 — seventeen percent — but Hali tacked on an additional $1,000 for good measure. With the additional grand, Hali ended up leaving approximately a 71% tip,


That sure puts Peyton Manning’s $200 tip on a $700 tab to shame, eh?

In any event, Hali’s tip was an act of such extreme generosity, the staff was left stunned.

“It made our day. Hands down, it made our day,” server Joshua Roan said, according to a KCTV-5 report. “The staff was over the top. He was the last guest in the building. There was a lot of shouting and hollering after he left. We had to wait until he left. We had to keep it professional.”

The staff ended up splitting up the enormous tip amongst the entire crew.

Apparently, Hali’s generosity for folks who work for tips for a living isn’t limited to restaurant employees. According to KCTV-5, a woman on Facebook claimed Hali left nearly $400 for a car wash this week as well.

Four hundred bucks for a car wash? Have an A1 day, indeed.

But one last question: Why didn’t Hali invite Reid along for the feast?

Oh yeah.

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