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Red Sox fan quits his job so he can attend Game 1 of World Series (video)


A furniture salesman from upstate New York was presented with a difficult conundrum on Wednesday: Attend Game 1 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals or keep his job. Being a big-time Red Sox fan, perhaps not surprisingly, he chose the former.

Gino Marcello (in the green Wally the Green Monster mascot cap), who hails from Rochester, N.Y., says that his boss wouldn’t give him any time off this week — putting his chances at being in Fenway Park for Game 1 on Wednesday at pretty much nil. So, Marcello, perhaps with the song “Take This Job And Shove It” ringing in his ears, quit.

“He said I couldn’t take off this week because I didn’t get him enough notice,” the Red Sox fan said. “I told him I wasn’t coming in. And here I am.”

And there he was.

So comfortable was Marcello in his decision to choose the World Series over gainful employment that he brought a sign along to announce it, which he displayed behind the Red Sox dugout during batting practice. The sign read, “I Quit My Job 4 This,” with the “4” indicating that he may or may not be a closet Prince fan. Probably not.


As far as what he plans to do once harsh reality sets in and the realization that he has no job is staring him in the face?

“I’ll find something new,” Marcello said. “It’s worth it.”

Hey, at least the Red Sox won, right? Imagine if the Cards would have blown out the hometown BoSox. “I quit my job for this?” That may have made his current unemployment sting just a little bit more and the taste of Ramen that much more bitter.

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