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Some dang squirrel ate the face off of JaVale McGee’s Elmo Jack-o’-Lantern (video)


There are few players in the NBA more unique (see here)– and skilled — than Denver Nuggets oddball basketball player JaVale McGee. And frankly, that’s just a shame.

McGee is what we would kindly refer to as eccentric and he has demonstrated a proclivity for posting slightly odd videos to Instagram, including one from last June when he documented how he gave a $100 bill to a homeless person.

The talented big man was back at it online on Thursday when he took to Instagram to bemoan how a squirrel — referred to as “little vermin” by McGee in the video — defaced (literally) a Jack-o’-Lantern McGree had carved in the image of Elmo.  McGee even states that he was “extremely happy about it.” And he should be, as the carving craftsmanship he has demonstrated is top-notch.

For shame, rascally rodent. For shame.

Via Instagram:

Dear lord. What shocking carnage. Don’t show the kids that video, folks. It will only lead to nightmares where rabid squirrels chew their faces off. Or the fronts of pumpkins. Either way, terrifying stuff.

What bothered McGree more than anything was how the squirrel ate the entire face off of his Elmo pumpkin but left the other one he carved alone. Perhaps the squirrel was intimidated by the spooky face while Elmo appeared harmless enough to attack. Who knows what’s going on in a squirrel’s mind? McGree doesn’t really care, probably, he would just prefer if the critters would leave his dang Jack-o’-Lanterns alone, for goodness sake.

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