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On hike with wife, Trevor Plouffe takes photo of her chest, praises view of ‘mountains’ (pic)

Since the Minnesota Twins were nowhere near within sniffing distance of the postseason, let alone the World Series, third baseman Trevor Plouffe seems to be enjoying his time away from the baseball field.

In fact, on Tuesday, he went on a hike with his wife Olivia. While taking in the majestic views, Plouffe noticed that he needn’t look at the scenery to be left in awe of all the wonderful sights around him. And that included snapping a photo of the view as he looked down on his wife, snapping a photo which certainly appears to be focused upon her chest and tweeting, “These mountains bring a tear to my eye.”

Well played, Mr. Plouffe. A clever double entendre to say the least. However, while most of his followers appreciated not only the photo but the joke as well, there was one person on Twitter who didn’t find the humor in Plouffe’s witty ways.


[H/T The Big Lead]