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Steve Smith on Janoris Jenkins’ baby-making: ‘He needs to wear some condoms’


Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is a renowned trash talker, perhaps one of the best in the NFL. Apparently, he met his match in some way, shape or form on Sunday in the form of St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins, whose in-game smack talk apparently reached such a deplorable level in Smith’s eyes that the incensed wideout said afterward that “if I see him in the streets I’m going to punch him in his [bleeping] mouth.”

Smith claims that Jenkins crossed a line by talking trash and making insults about his wife.

Smith can’t go for that. No. No can do.

According to a CBS Charlotte Report, Smith called into “The Drive” radio program on WFNZ the Fan in Charlotte with Taylor Zarzour and Marc James and further expounded on his anger over Jenkins’ apparently insulting comments.

Smith’s comments, as transcribed by Eye on Football:

“When I go against the opponent I talk and I may say hey I beat you and any of that stuff. But I’m not going to Google a guy’s wife’s name and try to find out little things,” Smith said. “It wasn’t just him, it was other guys on that defense that was saying it. And just to go to that extent.

“I talk mess and I love talking mess and that’s part of the game. But I would never walk up to a guy — first of all I don’t really know outside of watching him on video — and Google his wife’s name and her birthday and call her outside of her name and call that in the jest of sportsmanship or gamesmanship.”

Smith continued, continuing to insist that he would never stoop to such a level as that exhibited by Jenkins. And speaking of levels, Smith also claimed Jenkins had no right to even talk trash to him in the first place, since the two are “not on the same level.”

“That’s not my deal. I take that as clear disrespect,” Smith said. “I feel like when you don’t respect somebody well there’s nothing much left. So if I don’t respect you and you don’t respect me there aren’t any rules, there aren’t any guidelines. I didn’t like that. Second of all, i’m 34 years old. You’re a couple of years older than my youngest son. We’re not on the same level.”

And for his parting shot at Jenkins, Smith perhaps contradicted himself about how one shouldn’t feel the need to Google stuff to find suitable smack talk, as apparently, Smith did his research regarding Jenkins’ personal life. Either that or he knows quite a bit about his trash-talking foil, as his Wikipedia page reveals that “Jenkins is the father of four children: sons Janorion Jenkins, Janoris Jenkins Jr, Legend Jenkins, and a daughter Paris Jenkins.”

“It sounds like he needs to wear some condoms,” Smith said. “That’s what it sounds like he needs to wear.”

Too bad Jenkins doesn’t play for the New York Jets, as the players on that team have a bunch of free condoms headed their way.