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Rob Gronkowski to host a football clinic for women, ‘Gronk-tinis’ will be served


On Nov. 11 at Harvard Stadium during the team’s bye week, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will host a football clinic just for the … ladies …

Dubbed the “Football 101 Women’s Clinic, gals who pay the $99 admission fee presumably will be taught the basic ins and outs of football by Gronk himself, as well as how to spike footballs and be the best Gronk that a woman can be. Which probably does not mean partying hard, beer-bonging and how to be a true brah. Brah.

But the clinic is only available for participants aged 21 years or older. Because there’s going to be booze, including some concoction referred to as “Gronk-tinis.” One can only imagine what is in one of those bad boys.

And the 21 and older requirement is a probably a bit different from what Gronk usually expects for events at which he makes personal appearances, which is chicks only 18 and up, please.

Opening at 5:00 p.m., the clinic, like most football clinics, will open with a cocktail hour before the women break into small groups where they will be run through the gauntlet of various stations that will focus on the “fundamental skills of football,” according to the clinic’s website.

Following that, Gronkowski will “give talks highlighting the finer points of the game of football and beyond,” which hopefully will include the recipe for a Gronk-tini.


As noted, the cocktail hour will feature access to beer, wine, food and Gronk-tinis, only with one caveat. The women in attendance will have to battle through Gronk to get to the booze. The food? Have at it. Empty calories, as far as Gronk is concerned. Party! And a football clinic! What a classic combination. Almost as good as whatever goes into a Gronk-tini.

If for some reason Tom Brady makes a surprise appearance, event organizers better make darn sure there are frozen margaritas available. As Tommy Terrific once put it: “A frozen margarita? Oh my god.”

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