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Frazier: Freeman has concussion, ‘more than likely’ Christian Ponder is back in


Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier announced on Wednesday that recently inserted starting quarterback Josh Freeman, fresh off an atrocious performance against the New York Giants on Monday night, reportedly showed up at the team’s complex on Tuesday “and wasn’t feeling so well.”

Frazier then stated that the development means that it’s “more than likely” that Christian Ponder, after being benched in favor of Matt Cassel who was then benched in favor of newcomer Freeman, will likely get the nod and start Sunday night’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

(head asplodes)

The quarterback position for the Vikings has been an utter and complete disaster the entire season. After Ponder went down with a severe rib injury, Cassel replaced him for the team’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in London. Cassel performed admirably, but played a terrible game against the Carolina Panthers in a blowout home loss, meaning the Josh Freeman Replacement Plan/Trial By Fire was accelerated into high gear, as the team named him as the starter for the game against the Giants.

And we all know how that went. Not good. Freeman put up historically awful numbers, going 20-53 for 190 yards, one interception and did not lead the offense to any points. Guh.

Granted, Freeman was woefully under-prepared to start a game, but his wild throws and poor decision-making had little to do with his preparedness, especially in light of the extremely limited game plan.

The announcement that Ponder may be forced into starting comes on the heels of Frazier not only defending the decision to start Freeman on Tuesday, but also stating that he would start again on Sunday night against the Packers.

But now, it looks like Ponder will get a chance to once again prove himself, something the Vikings desperately need, although the season is essentially a washout at this stage.

“We’re going to need a good game out of our quarterback,” said Frazier. “We’re focused on Christian having the best game of his career on Sunday night.”

And then what? What if Ponder does play well? Is Freeman back in once his concussion symptoms clear up? What a cluster-bang of a dumpster fire.

Pick your poison, Vikings fans. Which way to respond to these recent developments, not to mention the entire season…

Like this?

Or like this?

Either way is more than fair and perfectly acceptable. The quarterback position for the Minnesota Vikings is like a three-headed dragon of suck.