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Kevin Love claims he won the ‘white guy award’ courtesy of NBA GM survey


On Tuesday, the NBA released the results of its annual survey of general managers. Among the questions posed in the survey were the usual and expected suspects, including which team will win the NBA title (Miami Heat, by a long shot, which teams will win their divisions, who will reign supreme as league MVP (LeBron James, by a wide, wide margin) and so on and so forth.

One of the more unique questions, among many, posed to GMs was “Which player makes the most of limited natural ability?”

For the second season in a row, Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love was voted as the player who makes the most of limited natural ability.

Love took to Twitter to offer up a tongue-in-cheek reaction to being named the guy who does the most with so little.

Love certainly appears to taking the results as a backhanded compliment of sorts, yet still chooses to have some fun with it, even while recognizing something interesting about the results.

And then Love got into a conversation with fellow “white guy” Steve Kerr, who is just as gifted as an NBA analyst as he was an NBA player, which I’m pretty sure means I am paying him a compliment.

Without unnecessarily delving into an uncomfortable debate, we all know what’s going on here — despite the undeniable fact that Love is a supremely gifted NBA player, with size, rebounding ability and an outside shot unparalleled at his position — and the results of previous NBA GM surveys confirm it. The players who came in first in previous seasons — when the question was posed as “Which player does the most with the least?” are as follows: Love, Luis Scola, Mehmet Okur, Bruce Bowen, Steve Nash and again, Steve Nash. There’s something eerily similar about most of the players who were ranked as NBAers who do the most with the least, but I can’t quite place my finger on it…

It’s probably because it ain’t “White Boy Day” or something…

Well, except for Love, that is.

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