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David Stern given David Stern bobblehead by Adam Silver (photo/GIF)

With his retirement getting nearer and nearer, longtime NBA commissioner David Stern currently presided over his last preseason Board of Governors meeting.

To commemorate the occasion, Adam Silver, Stern’s hand-picked replacement who has been well-groomed for the commissioner gig, a job he will assume when Stern steps down on February 1, 2014, presented Stern with his very own bobblehead during the Commish’s retirement dinner on Tuesday evening.

Making the scene all the more amusing is how much Stern appeared to enjoy the gesture, even toying with his bobblehead as he addressed the media.

Via SB Nation:


Here’s another look at the bobblehead via Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s Twitter account, by way of For the Win:

Ha. Nicely executed joke by Gilbert. Speaking of which, if there were any way that Dallas Mavericks owner could pry that bobblehead out of Stern’s grasp, you know darn well he’d gleefully attempt to use it as a voodoo doll. You know, for old time’s sake.