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Jets players getting condoms in light of Rex Ryan’s misinterpreted comments


Last week, amid all the hullabaloo, hype and excitement that typifies “New England Patriots Week” for the New York Jets, some comments made by Rex Ryan about remaining focused on the game and not getting distracted by duties at home were misinterpreted by both Jets players and media alike.

Many believed that Ryan meant that the player should abstain from sexual congress with their spouses or girlfriends, but Ryan later cleared up any misunderstanding during a press conference, saying that sex wasn’t intended to be included on the activities players should avoid.

“Somebody misinterpreted the message apparently,” Ryan reportedly said with a smile.

Despite the confusion, a condom company is attempting to capitalize on the story in a clever marketing gimmick by announcing it was giving free condoms to Jets players to assist them as they “reconnect with their significant others” this week.

The company seeking to get some free publicity out of the misunderstanding is New York-based NuVo, who issued a press release revealing the company’s intents to provide condoms as a means to congratulate the Jets on their controversial 30-27 overtime win over the Patriots on Sunday:

“The Jets definitely benefited from being good little boys in the bedroom and were able to outlast the New England Patsies in overtime.

“We know that this week will be a very busy one for Jets players as they have to reconnect with their significant others,” a portion of the press release reads, as quoted in a New York Daily News report.

How very clever. The release also indicates that the company will be sending the team “a variety of condoms in different shapes and sizes.” Which is nice. Variety is the spice of life, after all, even with condoms, I suppose.