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Jim Leyland lets a fart joke rip during his retirement press conference (video)


After eight successful seasons as manager of the Detroit Tigers, Jim Leyland announced his retirement on Monday, just two days after the team was eliminated by the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series.

With Leyland at the helm, the Tigers won three AL Central titles and made it to the World Series twice. But in Leyland’s eyes, it was time to step down, although he reportedly will accept another position within the organization.

“I’m going to be 69 years old,” he said during his Monday news conference. “I’m not ashamed of that. I’m proud of it. The fuel’s getting a little low.”

And even though Leyland is known as a curmudgeonly old fella, he did manage to work in a well-placed and perfectly timed fart joke during the presser, revealing a humorous side rarely seen. And apparently, a gassy side as well.

First explaining to the assembled media that he can’t hear very well, Leyland segued into a story about how he and his wife were at church and the issue of letting loose one of those “silent fluffies” came up. Asking his wife what he should do, Leyland said his wife told him to get a new battery for his hearing aid, implying that said gaseous output was neither silent nor fluffy.

Good stuff. Certainly not as great as his clubhouse dance performance a few weeks back, when he boogied down to celebrate the team’s division title, but pretty solid nonetheless. The grand game of baseball will miss Jim Leyland, that’s for sure.

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