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Jerry Jones has novel take on Tony Romo being among NFL’s most disliked players


On Monday, Forbes released its list of the most-disliked NFL players. Once again topping the list was Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Others who made the list include San Diego Chargers linebacker — and ex-boyfriend to Lennay Kekua, otherwise known as “The Girlfriend Who Never Was” — Manti Teo, Detroit Lions cheap shot artist Ndamukong Suh, Chicago Bears surly quarterback Jay Cutler, among others.

The list was compiled via an E-Score survey of 1,100 people age 13 and up and ranked from top to bottom according to how the percentage of respondents expressed that disliked the particular player.

Also cracking the list was Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, with a 32% dislike rating, good — or bad — enough for seventh on the list.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who is fiercely loyal to those in his inner circle — in particular his oft-maligned franchise quarterback — had an interesting take on Tony Romo’s name being on the list.

“I think you got to be relevant and I think he’s very relevant,” Jones said Tuesday during his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM and quoted in an report. “The people of football, when they watch him play, they watch his release, they see how savvy he can be. Then he’s very relevant and when that relevancy does not fit each of our idea of ‘Boy what he ought be doing where he ought be as a success.’ It’s about expectations, all of that comes to play. I don’t think Tony from the standpoint of personality, I don’t think Tony in any way is something inordinate enough to degrade on people. I just think it’s a question of he’s a guy who goes out here, he’s going to try to keep the play alive.”

It’s difficult to argue with Jones’ logic as it relates to relevancy. How can one be hated by the masses — at least according to a survey — if one is not well-known? He must ascribe to the theory that it is better to be hated than loved. It’s worked for him all these years, why not for Romo?

And yet, those who claim to hate Jones more than likely fear him and have the utmost respect for all of his success. Romo’s failings in the postseason may be the primary reason behind fans expressing a dislike for him. Being the quarterback for the Cowboys — who are hated by many just as much as they are loved by the considerable constituency of fans the world over — certainly isn’t helping the general perception of Romo, either.