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Dwyane Wade documents his Ornithophobia (fear of birds) in odd Instagram video


While few things scare him on the basketball court, Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade admitted in an April 2013 interview with ESPN The Magazine that he is scared of birds. Scientifically referred to as Ornithophobia, Wade, in a response to a question about what is his most irrational fear, responded, “Birds. I’m petrified of birds. I got attacked by some once when I was in college.”

Whether or not Wade actually was attacked by a menacing flock of birds in some kind of Hitchcockian nightmare scenario while attending Marquette may never be substantiated, something did happen to him involving birds that was so traumatic that he now apparently will post videos of birds from hundreds of feet away while expressing the paranoid — and hopefully, somewhat joking– belief that the birds simply are biding their time, waiting to attack him.

Well, at least one video.

Captioned, “The Bird hating is real people… They sit and wait for me to come out…haaa..#definitionofabirdgang#maybeishouldletthems***onmeforgoodluck,” here is the video, via Instagram:

Clearly, bird is not the word for D-Wade. Although it sure did not seem like those birds were readying themselves to execute a nefarious plot of attack against the basketball player. Threats from our avian friends are in the eye of the beholder. Or something.

[H/T Hardwood Paroxysm]