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Blatant Homerism

New York Daily News’ headline for Giants-Vikings debacle: ‘Somebody’s Worse!’ (pic)


Yep, that about sums it up. Having a semi-vested but rapidly waning interest in the plight of the 1-4 Minnesota Vikings, I tuned into “Monday Night Football” to see the squad take on the previously winless — and equally terrible — New York Giants for a train wreck of a prime time NFL showdown.

Even with lowered expectations, the game was still an abject horror show, with both teams muddling and muffing their respective ways through miserable performances. Ultimately, although not really deserving of much credit — the Vikings’ embarrassing ineptitude, especially on offense and special teams, was the more defining source of the outcome — the Giants won, beating the Purple 23-7 in an excruciating-to-watch game.

The main storyline that merited a curious viewing of the match-up was the debut of Josh Freeman as the Vikings quarterback. The fact that Freeman had only two weeks to prepare — and boy, did it ever show –matched with a horrible game from the offensive line and an ineffectual effort from Adrian Peterson, transformed the game into a borderline unwatchable event into how one typically takes in the scene of an awful car accident. It’s horrible to see but impossible to look away.

The New York Daily News, as it is wont to do, didn’t pull any punches in its headline on the back page. “Somebody’s Worse!” the headline reads, with “Lowly Giants top lowlier Vikings for first victory of the season.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself.