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Family-focused Chris Paul says he could see himself retiring early to be with kids


Despite being only 28 years old and in his prime, not to mention being one of the most dynamic and talented players in the NBA, Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul says he could envision a scenario where he would walk away from the game he loves earlier than expected in order to spend more time with his children.

CP3 and his wife, Jada Crawley, have two children, Christopher Emmanuel Paul II, born on May 23, 2009 and Camryn Alexis Paul, born on August 16, 2012, with the eldest being a frequent presence during Paul’s press conferences and other appearances, including an appearance in promotional spots for Paul’s signature fragrance from AVON, Untouchable.

Paul insists that he is dedicated to his family first and foremost and he doesn’t anticipate hanging around simply for the sake of hanging around, perhaps even checking out early before his diminishing skills and age warrants it.

Obviously, the grind of an NBA season prevents players from spending a lot of time with their loved ones. Between practice, games and an often hectic travel schedule, there may be times where it seems that they are never around significant milestones reached are missed as well as all of those other special moments that enrich both a child’s and a parent’s life.

In an interview with Mary Carillo for an episode of “HBO Real Sports” that premieres on Tuesday (preview below), Paul discussed his dedication to his wife and children and how his family, more than anything, will determine how long he stays in the game.

“I love to play basketball more than anybody,” Paul said. “I’m serious, nobody loves to play basketball more than I do. But I could honestly see myself maybe stopping a little early or premature just because I hate to miss anything with my kids. I would hate for my kids to recall those special moments in their life, and I wasn’t there.”

While attempting to determine exactly when “early”  may be, it warrants mentioning that Paul signed a five-year, $107 million contract extension just a few months ago, a deal that could keep him with the Clippers through the 2016-17 NBA season, with a player option for the following year. Paul will be only 33 years old at that point, which certainly is not an age where players typically choose to retire for no reason. But in Paul’s, case, his love for his family may be reason enough. And the best, most worthwhile reason of all.

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