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Why in the holy hell is Alexander Ovechkin sporting this headwear in Winnipeg? (pic)

The Washington Capitals departed the warmer climes of D.C. for a visit to Manitoba for a tilt Tuesday against the Winnipeg Jets. On Monday, when the team landed, the weather was a bit chilly with a morning temperature of 36 degrees.

Still, that does not mean whatever the hell Alexander Ovechkin chose to put on his head to keep himself warm is acceptable. The guy hails from Russia, after all. He’s definitely accustomed to less-than-balmy temperatures. Sure, he has every right to clothe himself in warmer clothing to help better combat the less-than-balmy weather, but that headwear is ridiculous.

And still, what a delightful photo. Ovie is such a goofball.

[H/T Russian Machine Never Breaks, photo via Instagram]