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Ole Miss coed Shelby Herring sobers up, reacts to becoming a viral sensation (vid)


Shelby Herring, a hospitality management major at Ole Miss, became quite the sensation on the interwebs this week after a video posted by Texas A&M site TexAgs showed her a bit tipsy and quite verbose while hanging out and partying down in The Grove on the University of Mississippi campus last Saturday.

Now that she has presumably dried out, Herring, now dubbed the “Mississippi Queen” and “Hot Mess in a Red Dress,” reacted to the video that has made her an Internet sensation, and not surprisingly, she is a little sheepish and perhaps a tad embarrassed about her inebriated, yet harmless and hilarious, antics.

First, for those who have somehow missed it, the video that started it all:

Fantastic. She’s a total rock star.

Some of the highlights of her commentary, as thankfully transcribed by Lost Lettermen:

  • Best thing about The Grove: “My favorite thing hands down about The Grove is the alcohol. It’s not always free, but it’s always there. So yeah, alcohol, hands down. Next question … I love school spirit, but let’s not get me wrong. I wouldn’t have school spirit without a couple vodka waters. (Pounds drink)… Everybody has the same mission, and the mission is we don’t care about anything but the party, and the party goes on forever. The party never ends. … Ole Miss never loses a party.”
  • What “Hotty Toddy” means: “You say, ‘Roll Tide,’ we say, ‘Hotty Toddy.’ You say, ‘Go Tigers,’ we say, ‘Hotty Toddy.’ But if you want to know the more specific meaning, Hot Toddy is a drink that you drink when you’re sick. Whiskey, hot water, lemon. But that’s off topic.”
  • Why Eli Manning is better than Peyton: “I think that Eli just had so much determination and so much drive and loyalty, because Peyton chose to go to Tennessee. I think that’s a little bit of a dose of some B.S.”
  • Why Ole Miss is an excellent college choice: “Ole Miss is the most fun school you’ll ever go to. And when you go to a college, you’re gonna make the grades, blah blah blah. As long as you get a two-oh … It’s more about the experience, we only live once. You gotta just, like, do your thing, have your personality. Ole Miss, we may all have lower IQs. I have a higher IQ than most people – no, that’s a lie. We have fun, and we don’t ever miss the party. And Hotty Toddy, gosh almighty, who the hell are we? Hey! … (Drops mic.)”

Herring joined the TexAgs crew via telephone and reacted to her now infamous ramblings (video available here)

When asked about her reaction to the video, Herring sounded somewhat embarrassed.

“I thought that I should’ve toned it down a bit,” Herring said when asked about her reaction the first time she saw the video. “I know I’m a ridiculous person, but it was a little bit outrageous to say the least.”

Fair enough. Can’t blame her for feeling that way.

Her sudden online notoriety has had an immediate impact on her Twitter account, where Herring now has over 2,000 followers. And with tweets like these below, she’s a worthy person to follow.

Awesome. Provolone cheese, man. Motherf***ng provolone. We’ll forgive on the misspelling of the cheese because she rules. Keep letting your freak flag fly, young lady.

[H/T Lost Lettermen]