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Post article about Jets rookie’s comments features ‘Baby Tom Brady’ photoshop (pic)

NFL: New York Jets-Press Conference

As was alluded to earlier this week in a post about New York Jets guard Willie Colon cocking off about the New England Patriots, specifically speaking about his hatred for the team, the trash talk occurring between the teams leading up to Sunday’s showdown has been a one-sided affair.

Tom Brady didn’t take the bait when informed of Colon’s comments, instead saying that nothing fazes him about the Jets-Patriots rivalry.

Another Jets player has joined the fray, and like Colon before him, likely will have his smack talk unanswered by anyone on the Patriots. Or if any Pats player does respond, it only will be to downplay or disregard it.

The player is a rookie, no less. First-year defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, who has had a stellar rookie campaign thus far, recording 30 tackles, 2.5 sacks and a forced fumble.

And the worst part (or the best, depending on one’s point of view): His comments on Thursday weren’t the first time he has sounded off about the Patriots this week, Tom Brady in particular. Richardson

Rewind to Wednesday, when Richardson had the following to say about Tom Brady: “I’m not treating him like Superman,” he said. “He’s Tom Brady; I’m Sheldon Richardson. He’s a name. He’s a figure, a franchise player. I’m trying to get after him, simple as that. No one really treats him like [Superman] around here. I think he’s the complete opposite of that.”

When asked what was the opposite of Superman, Richardson reportedly smiled and said, “I’d rather not say it,” which was a completely boneheaded answer. Everybody knows that the opposite of Superman is Bizarro. Duh.

On Thursday, Richardson was back at it. First, Richardson argued that the Patriots are cheap shot artists.

“You’re going to see a lot of stuff, man,” he said. “That the Patriots can do to you, that they get away with, that we can’t do to the Patriots. It’s just the way it is.”

He then insinuated on Thursday that Tom Brady is babied by the NFL, which inspired the following fantastic photoshop.


(courtesy of the New York Post)

“Why do we make rules after he gets hurt?” Richardson asked, according to a report in the New York Post. “I don’t know why a bunch of stuff.

“They made the Tuck Rule back when? 2000 when? Tom Brady rule, right? OK, a lot of great quarterbacks have hurt a knee before, but now we can’t hit quarterbacks in the knees now ’cause Tom Brady gets hurt [season-ending knee injury in the 2008 season opener]. Doesn’t it seem that way? Right or wrong?”When asked why the NFL would want to protect Tom Brady — pretty obvious stuff there — Richardson demonstrated he understands what the league is all about: Protecting quarterbacks.

“Cause if you take Tom Brady away from the Patriots, they win no more championships,” he said.

Richardson continues along the same train of thought during his comments to the media, saying things like, “You can’t touch him,” and so on and so forth.

But in the end, Richardson, despite his belief that Brady is a protected commodity, concedes that he is a world-class quarterback, one of the greatest ever to play the position.

“He’s a Hall of Famer quarterback. He doesn’t make mistakes,” Richardson said. “It doesn’t matter who his wideouts are, he’s going to win the game, especially when he plays the Jets apparently. So I just can’t wait to play against him again.”

Yep, it should be a good one.