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Fan attends Blackhawks game, chooses to watch ‘Ellen’ instead of game (photo)

So, the Chicago Blackhawks were playing host to the St. Louis Blues at United Center on Thursday night for an early season, Central division showdown. The “fan” featured in the photograph above presumably found the game not worthy of his attention and instead opted to watch an episode of “Ellen.”

Makes sense. What’s the sense in paying good money — or, even if the tickets were free, taking the time — to take in some NHL action when there are so many episodes of “Ellen” to catch up on? You know she likes to dance and stuff during shows. That’s way better than hockey, right?

The only way this egregious act is moderately acceptable is if this particular “Ellen” show featured a phone conversation with Gladys. That old bird is a hoot.

The Blackhawks lost to the Blues by a score of 3-2, by the way. Not that this “fan” probably noticed.

[H/T Deadspin, photo via @Joe_Kelly]