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Surfer Anastasia Ashley, known for twerking warmup, mimics Kim K butt selfie (pics)


A few days ago, a very different looking Kim Kardashian, apparently desperate for attention and looking to show off how much progress she has made returning her post-pregnancy body back to its original form, posted a now-infamous photo to Instagram featuring her turned slightly askew from the camera for a selfie that highlights her famous posterior, among other things.

Tagged #NoFilter and nothing else, the provocative pose prompted Kanye West to reply, who tweeted, “HEADING HOME NOW.” Good enough.

Also apparently inspired by the salacious photograph was gorgeous surfer Anastasia Ashley, who decided to pose in a similar fashion and disseminate the photo on the interwebs.

Ashley, best known for being a provocateur in her own right courtesy of her sexy twerking pre-surf warmup routine, is sure to attract a bit of attention for her mimicry of Kardashian as well.

Via Instagram:

Hoo boy. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. It nearly inspires me, even as a man, to do the same thing. The problem is I don’t own a revealing white unitard-esque thingy nor do I have an Instagram account. The world should be grateful. I know I am.

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