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Is this video of Phil Mickelson expertly tossing a football a total fake?


While I have no idea one way or the other, something about this video featuring Phil Mickelson playing some Ping Pong and tossing around the old pigskin in between takes during an ad shoot for Callaway Golf seems, I don’t know, off.

Perhaps it is simply a consequence of below-average video, a brief glitch or whatever during the recording or something else, but the way in which the football appears to hover in midair for a split second right after Phil releases it leads me to the impression there is some kind of highfalutin, techno-mo-logical trickeration going on here.

Judge for yourself (via Instagram):

Thoughts? Not only does the football appear to be defying physics, watch the Ping Pong action at the beginning of the sequence. Doesn’t it seem like the ball behaves strangely following Mickelson’s final shot right as it goes over the net? Weird.

I’m calling shenanigans. It’s not the first time a company has utilized fancy-schmancy video editing to entice viewers to engage with some kind of viral video marketing campaign, so why not Callaway?

Why not, indeed. And if not, Philly Dog’s got one hell of an arm.

[H/T Eye on Golf]